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Pain can lead us to believe we cannot create the life we want, that we can never be happy. It can leave us feeling stuck. Many people look to blame others or themselves when they are suffering. Some feel like a victim to uncontrollable circumstances. We are not victims. To get unstuck we need to reconsider our perspectives on pain. We need to be responsible for our pain by responding effectively to the events in our life.

Creating a great life begins by taking responsibility for the one we are creating now. ..

Jill McPherson will help you on your path to getting unstuck by interviewing spiritual leaders, healers, therapists and more. Jill will share her challenges, learnings, and ah-ha moments to demonstrate the possibilities.

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I’m Jill McPherson

Jill is a manifestor of health and helps people discover their happiness. She is a spiritual director, teacher, mother, wife, friend, keynote speaker, TV host, journalist who shares various strategies and tools to create peace and happiness. Jill has interviewed philosophers, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, therapists, teachers, parents, influencers, and ordinary people regarding ways to find happiness during challenging moments. Her journey began with a degree in Child Psychology and led to becoming an Elementary School Teacher. While at home raising 4 young children, she continued to learn about self empowerment. She hosted events in her home and for community groups, she organized motivational events which led to becoming a TV Talk Show Host. She returned to school to attain a diploma in Spiritual Direction. Now, each week, she hosts a podcast to interview and dive into self-empowerment and ways to find and create peace.

“My life’s work is to help you awaken within, heal and grow from challenges, find deep purpose, create happy relationships, live with financial freedom, and find happiness by getting unstuck.”

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Stay tuned for weekly podcasts where host, Jill McPherson talks with people who have experienced profound moments of awakening. Discover what they are doing with their new gifts and talents to help others on their journey.

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