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A place to get unstuck.

And have that awakening moment.

Where you feel happy, peaceful, and empowered.


Hi, my name is Jill McPherson, and I started my podcast and blog to help people find those moments of happiness. For me, happiness is about experiencing inner peace in any circumstance. The moment you are open to changing your perspective around any event then your whole experience will change. Happiness doesn’t come from an external checklist. Happiness comes from your perspective, thoughts, and choices because you are in control.

Happiness can show up in many places. It can show up in the peaceful and the painful moments like when….

adult-agriculture-child-1683975 (1).jpg
  • you are wrapped in a blanket, sipping your favorite tea while reading a good book.

  • your baby smiles at you for the first time.

  • you are holding your pet at the vet’s office as he is being put down.

  • you tuck your kids into bed.

  • you achieved a goal (big or small).

  • you lose your job.

  • you recognize your romantic partner’s sincere love for you.

  • you are being prepped for surgery.

  • you realize you are making a positive difference in your community.  

  • you hold a tissue box while a loved one shares his grief.

  • you see the first blade of green grass in spring

Happiness comes from our outlook on life and is based on the stories we wrap around our experiences.

I believe the main thing holding us back from experiencing happiness is our beliefs which can create a feeling of being stuck. Feeling stuck is becoming a chronic epidemic. People feel stuck every day even if they appear to have everything.

Feeling stuck is what prevents us from finding those happy moments.

Over 15 years ago I felt stuck and was in a moment of intense pain. During this moment of distress, I found myself asking, "Why do painful things happen to us? Is life simply about struggling to live and then we die? Is life just a random set of events or is there purpose to our pain?"

In my state of pain and questioning, I had an awakening moment. I learned I needed to take ownership of my suffering and turn it into a positive experience. I discovered I needed to be open to my perceptions changing if I wanted my experiences to change.

Pain is universal and is defined as mental, physical, or emotional suffering. A lot of us see pain as a negative experience, and our goal is to avoid pain as much as possible. But pain is an inevitable part of the human experience.

If we can’t feel pain then we can’t feel happiness.

Understanding the positive aspects of experiencing pain will help us grow. When we are in pain we have to look inward. Trying to control or change outside factors, like our friends, family and the circumstances in our lives will not bring us happiness. Changing exterior factors will only provide us with a temporary bandage.

True happiness is found within ourselves.

After my awakening moment, I experienced a new awareness, a new level of consciousness. When painful moments occur, instead of feeling stuck, I use the pain as a wake up call to stop and look within. I ask myself, “What am I being invited to learn from this pain?” Now during my moments of feeling stuck I use strategies that help me find the happiness and inner peace from my pain.

My goal now is to help inspire others to learn and grow from the challenges and pain in their lives, to look internally to make the changes required to create the life they want, and inspire them to awaken to a whole new way of living.