Making Friends With the Cold - Are You Kidding Me?

I recently wrote a blog about the Wim Hof, the IceMan. My blog was tagged to a woman, Sue Regan Kenney, who went to train with Wim Hof to become a certified instructor. 

I decided I need to find out more about the Wim Hof Method and so I took a 4.5-hour workshop with Sue. It was incredible!

Want to know more about why on earth I was in a tub of ice and what I learned?...

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Here, Let Me Fix You So I Can Feel Better

Somedays I find it challenging to interact with children in a calm peaceful way because I have been so well trained to focus on controlling their behaviour or fixing what appears to be wrong with them.

I have found that as I surrender my agenda to control children's behaviour or to fix them, the need for "behaviour managment" strategies disappears.

Now that is such a freeing feeling! Trying to control children's behaviour is so exhausting.

No threats? no rewards? no stickers? How is that possible?

Because I discovered this instead...

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What Do The Ice Man and Jesus Have in Common?

This summer I was speaking to a group of people about my recent introduction, by my daughter Grace, to the Ice Man, Wim Hof.  He is a man who has done things, that most in the medical field, would say are impossible to survive.

How does he do these apparently impossible things? How would knowing the answer help you? And what does this have to do with Jesus?...

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How Our Gut Feelings Keep Us Safe

Recently my two younger daughters and I went on a road trip through Quebec. We had an experience that reminded us all of the powerful guidance system we all have within us called Intuition. 

Read more on how tapping into your own gut feelings can help keep you safe.

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10 Things We Do In Schools That We Tend Not To Do In The “Real World”

Here are my top 10 Things We Do In Schools That We Tend Not To Do In The “Real World”. Over my 20 years of teaching, I have wondered why is it that our school day is filled with many traditions and practices that I feel do not have students, teachers and often parents best interests in mind. Yet we have been doing them for so long, I think most of us never stop to question them.

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