If you are wanting to create a ceremony around a special event, a rite of passage or moving into a new phase of life, let's co-create a momentous occasion. 


Life is full of ritual. We have rituals around birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and life passages such as baptisms, bar mitzvahs and graduating from school. Official rituals exist in every culture, yet few rituals are instilled with their original sacredness. When we become conscious of all the ritual we do in our lives, we can re-invoke its sacred power back into our everyday lives.

Through ritual, we can intend what we want for the future, discover the courage to step into new beginnings and find new meaning in our lives.

Rituals can be used to release past traumas and create healing transitions.

Rituals can help us connect with the past, our traditions and ancestral lineage.

Rituals can act as a catalyst for change and transformation.

Rituals can be used to bring about a sense of a larger, worldly community where ideas and actions are born into creating positive global changes.

It can be used for groups to create a vision and unify its members with a sense of belonging. A sacred ritual is also a very creative, exciting and often fun way to move us through life’s challenges, milestones and moments to be celebrated.

Thank you for such a beautiful ceremony, it was very special.
— Megan
Thanks for the lovely ceremony - I really enjoyed it and it was wonderful to spend time with such loving and supportive women.
— Sherri