Jill McPherson

Speaker. Teacher. Minister. Advisor. TV Host.

Jill McPherson makes health and happiness a priority in her life. She finds great pleasure in helping people discover their happiness. She is a spiritual director, teacher, mother, wife, friend, keynote speaker, TV host, a journalist who shares various strategies and tools to create peace and happiness. Jill brings her experiences from interviewing leaders in the field of self empowerment to teaching young children how to feel and be the best they can be.

Jill’s goal is to help people find peace within their lives by journeying within themselves. She is passionate about teaching parents, teachers, and children how to more compassionately communicate with one another and with themselves. Her hope is that in turn, this will bring more peace to our workplaces, our schools, and our homes.

 As A Speaker…

For years Jill McPherson has been fascinated with religion and the ways in which people address their spiritual needs. In 2014, Jill

attended a retreat called Encounter World Religions where she visited various places of worship and participated in ceremonies and rituals within these religions. In 2015 she took a leave of absence from teaching and went back to school to take a Diploma in Spiritual Direction. In 2017, she once again participated in the Encounter World Religions Retreat with a new set of eyes and awareness. Since then, Jill has spoken at numerous church services and community events where she shares her experiences and profound realizations while spending time with people from various religious groups. When we better understand one another the “stranger” is no longer someone to fear. Jill is passionate at assisting us all to truly “love thy neighbour”.


Speaking Experience

  • Trinity United Church, Shelburne

  • Knox Presbyterian Church, Grand Valley

  • Community of Christ Church, Grand Valley

  • Church Ladies Group, Grand Valley

  • Probus Brampton, (Retired Ladies Group), Brampton

  • Parent Community Group, Orangeville and Grand Valley

  • Family Transition Place, Women’s Shelter, Orangeville

  • Dufferin Child and Family Services, Orangeville